Elder Law

the only Certified Elder Law Attorney in Northampton

We ensure that our clients are well cared for, and that family wealth is preserved.

What is Elder Law?

As people age, they often become less self-reliant than usual. They sometimes find themselves needing other people to take care of them and manage both their health and finances. In these cases, it’s all too easy for less scrupulous people to take advantage of them. That’s where we come in: as the premier Elder Law attorneys in Western Mass, and the ONLY certified elder law attorney in Northampton, we are committed to making sure that you and your loved ones are protected.

Elder law refers to a category of legal practice that focuses on issues facing people age 65 and over. This encompasses a variety of needs, including:

  • Estate planning

  • Tax preparation
  • Disability law

  • Public benefits assistance

  • Caregiving planning and financing nursing home care

In our experience, clients most often seek elder law advice in terms of asset preservation in the face of nursing home costs. We also assist clients who have long-term disabilities.

What is a Certified Elder Law Attorney?

A Certified Elder Law Attorney (CELA) is a designation that helps clients find qualified attorneys with experience in elder law. Many attorneys practice elder law and many of those attorneys are quite experienced and knowledgeable. Certification, however, demonstrates an attorney’s experience and dedication to elder law. In order to become certified, an attorney must meet the rigorous requirements of the National Elder Law Foundation, including a written exam and a review of the attorney’s specific practice area and experience. Gerard, Ghazey & Bates, P.C. is proud to be the only Certified Elder Law Attorney practice in Northampton.

Why Work with GG&B?

At Gerard, Ghazey & Bates, P.C., we take care of our clients. Our job is to ensure that our clients are cared for, and that family wealth is preserved. We are experienced lawyers with proven track records in the field of elder law, specifically:

  • Northampton’s only CELA

  • Able to leverage our tax experience into all aspects of law practice

  • Caregiving planning

  • MassHealth applications and planning

  • Estate planning

  • Wealth transfer

  • Wealth security

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