Estate Planning in Western Mass

Sophisticated Planning Without Fuss

We leverage our broad tax knowledge with our unique flat-fee, hands-on approach to create your estate plan that meets your goals while safeguarding your assets.

At Gerard, Ghazey & Bates P.C., you don’t have to do it alone.

The term “estate” conjures visions of great wealth, huge homes, sprawling land, thousands of possessions – but that is far from always the case. Everyone has an “estate” – it refers simply to everything you own, as well as whatever happens to be in your various accounts. Big or small, your estate is eventually going to need to be accounted for and distributed according to your wishes. That’s where Gerard, Ghazey and Bates, Western Massachusetts’ premier estate planning attorneys, come in.
We walk our clients through the process of preserving their estates from taxes and safeguarding their assets from potential long-term care costs, ensuring the best value every step of the way. Gerard, Ghazey & Bates pride themselves on being the Northampton area’s premier law firm in matters of estate planning and estate law.
We have structured our estate planning process to provide our clients with unparalleled service. All of our estate planning is done on a flat-fee basis. Clients are encouraged to ask questions and ensure that they take as much time as necessary to understand their documents before signing. Our service continues even after your documents are signed to ensure that your plan is implemented.

Meeting Structure

  • Initial Meeting: Meet and review overall goals. Client decides whether to proceed.

  • Second Meeting: Develop a personalized estate plan based on goals.

  • Third Meeting: Review drafted documents to understand beyond the legalese.

  • Fourth Meeting: Sign the documents.

  • Fifth Meeting + Follow Up: Ensure that your plan is implemented effectively, circulate documents as needed

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